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Canned Tuna 80 g Serving Choice to Buy

Canned tuna 80 g price is very affordable because you can get the cheapest product by spend only $1-$2 more or less depending on the brands. Tuna is a great source of protein and canned tuna is a good to buy as well. Certainty that the first option when you want to eat nice seafood fish is going with the fresh one, however not all people can find a good fishmonger that sold high quality fresh seafood product just like tuna. This is why people tend to easily choose canned tuna because they are easy to find and very budget friendly. In addition you can never go wrong with best canned tuna product.

Canned tuna 80 g serving choice
Canned tuna 80 g in oil and water are probably the best to be chosen because they are both delicious especially if you can find imported product with that fancy taste. Tuna is nutritious and if you purchase the one with 80 grams then it is enough for one food guide serving. Your body will get extra intake by adding canned tuna in your meal such as protein, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, iron, and so on. It is recommended that you at least eating canned tuna fish for 2-3 serving each week with moderate amount. But, choosing tuna in oil especially preserved in sunflower oil or vegetable oil give higher calories and fats. Canned tuna in oils have triple times more fats and calories than tuna in water and thus water packed tuna is good for everyday use. Meanwhile, you can use canned tuna in oil for small portion for example mix the tuna meats over large salad to share with your guest. Drain off the liquid will help to lower the calories and fats as well, although you may leach away the omega 3 too.
When buying canned tuna 80 g brand, you also need to check the type of the tuna fish. It is better to pick Skipjack tuna or tongol instead of Albacore tuna/ white meat because skipjack and tongol also known as light tuna has lower mercury content. Canned tuna tend to be smaller in size as well with low level of mercury compared to the larger fish. White meat or Albacore “white chuck” of meat is larger than light tuna and they have meaty texture with mild flavor. Skipjack and tongol are smaller in size and when canned, they have flakier softer texture with stronger flavor. In the end, the choice is yours and depending on personal taste.
If compare the two products, since Albacore tuna has larger size, they offer higher omega 3 content than light meat. But, it is better to pick the one with smaller mercury content or you can simply use both of the tuna for different recipes. Albacore tuna is better when you want to make a tuna pasta salad while light tuna is better as a main ingredient. In addition, canned tuna can often replace other protein choices including eggs, chicken, salmon, and beans in various tasty recipes. Not to mention most of canned tuna is already cooked so they are time save for preparation.
How to buy the best canned tuna 80 g?
-          You cannot only concern with the amount of calories and fats level, but you also need choose a product that offer low amount of sodium/ salt. It is better to avoid buying tuna in brine (salt water) for that and pick tuna in spring water instead.
-          For the best canned tuna 80 g price, you can compare the store brands.
-          Larger canned tuna with plain flavor is often a better to buy then small canned tuna in flavor. You can check each unit price to ensure it.
-          Never or do not buy canned tuna fish that already leaked, cracked, dented, or with bulging lids because those are the signs that the seafood is already spoiled and not good to be eaten.
-          If you happen found canned tuna on sale, buying extra is never wrong. You can store them for later use.
-          Buy canned tuna that are sustainably caught by check the label.
-          Buy canned tuna that are dolphin friendly by check the label.
Hope the tips above help you to find a good canned tuna 80 g product.

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