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Manufacturing canned tuna process till ready to sell in the market

Manufacturing canned tuna to meet certain conditions need to be conducted properly so the end result cannot go wrong since the product need to be sold in the global market. Tuna is delivered into the factory from either foreign fishing company or from the fishing tuna vessel. Some the fish after caught are also unloaded from the truck. More importantly, majority of the tuna fish which are being delivered are in frozen condition to maintain the freshness of the tuna. So, the frozen tuna fish is moved from the vessel or truck carefully into the cold storage at the factory or facilities at the cannery.

Manufacturing canned tuna process till ready to sell in the market
Tuna fish is popular seafood in many countries including Indonesia. The meat itself has been produced into many varieties including tuna in can, tuna steak, tuna loin, tuna fillet, tuna saku, tuna in pouch, tuna kama, etc. The canning process is such a huge stage which the tuna is grouped based on the size, weight, and species during the unloaded process.
The manufacturers will check and inspect each tuna fish and select only the good quality tuna fish. The quality ensures the uniformity in both thawing and precooking. That’s why, soon as the tuna fish is unloaded, there are some manufacturer’s staffs that going to inspecting and checking for quality control. It is not only about the tuna condition, but the manufacturers also check the vessel where the fish is stored before being unloaded.
Let’s make you quick understand how the manufacturing canned tuna processing their product in simple explanation. Read below for more detailed information:
1.      The tuna fish is stored in cold storage with low temperature to keep the meat in good condition and to avoid them being spoilage or rotten. The fish will be kept in there till they are used for further processing.
2.      When it is ready for the tuna fish meat being processed, the frozen tuna fish is thawed with running water or place in large water tanks. This is a tank that used to thaw the tuna fish before being cleaned.
3.      The tuna is cut properly in the belly to remove the guts and all of the residues. After that, the cleaned tuna is place into a large metal racks which they are placed into a huge large steam pre-cooking rooms that is called retorts. Depending on the size of the tuna specie, the fish will be steamed in a set of time with some temperature. The steam process is required to remove the excess oils and to prepare it for easy removal of bones and the skin.
4.      Before further manufacturing canned tuna processing, the fish need to be cooled down because they are really in hot condition due to the steaming process. When the fish is cool enough to handle, they are put onto clean place where the cleaning process begin. The staff will remove the skin and the bones manually and properly. The tuna will put into two stations which used to prepare the tuna fish. One station is to remove the skin while the other is to debone the tuna. These steps are required to make sure that the manufacturer/ supplier produce high quality tuna in can product.
5.      This is one of the final steps of canned tuna manufacturing process where the cans are fillet with the tuna meat. All the cans will be moved in one single line to the vacuum sealer, but before that the cans are filled with oils, broth, brine, vegetable oil, etc. The lids will be put on top of the cans properly to cover them before the tuna can enters the vacuum sealer. In the vacuum sealer line, the air is sucked out and then the cans will be sealed hermetically. The cans then cleaned for oil residue with water.
6.      The sealed canned tuna is going to retort baskets and being sterilized. After cook time is being set, the cans are also sterilized from the possible bacteria present. These bacteria might harm the tuna meat and thus needed to keep the product in good condition before ready to be sold in the market. The sterilized tuna in cans are moved into cool area and after the cans are cool, the put printed or sticker labels with information of the product on it.
7.      The next manufacturing canned tuna is to store all the finished products into boxes. They are packed properly according to the variety of the products. Before the delivery, the staff will do quality control by take and cut some sample of the previous days finished canned tuna product. They will open the seal and look for the tuna condition to ensure the safety and the quality of it. The staff will check for the smell, the appearance, the condition of the can, style pack, the vacuum sealing, flavor, texture, cleanliness, and the overall pack. If the canned tuna is in damaged condition, then surely they are not being delivered. In conclusion, this quality control will determine if the canned tuna is marketable as finished product.
Each manufacture might have their own standards in term of quality control and methods. However, all the manufacturers will conduct high quality standards so the stages are enough to meet certain criteria and condition particularly the consistency of the quality of the smell, texture, and overall appearance of the canned tuna. As a result, canned tuna is one of the highest preferable by many people in the worldwide market.
How tuna are processed is depend on each supplier. But when you are looking for good manufacturing canned tuna supplier then you need to ask them what kind of methods they are used to produce canned tuna. If the supplier does not conduct proper canning tuna process to meet certain terms and conditions especially export import standard process then better move to other manufacturers.
Indonesia manufacturing canned tuna is in the lead when you are talk about canned tuna production. They are one of the largest tuna producers in the world so you can order and buy from Indonesian canned tuna supplier.

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