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10 Indonesia Canned Tuna Manufacturers Important Processes

Indonesia canned tuna manufacturers apply top methods to ensure the quality of their canned tuna products. Indonesia has been known for one of the largest tuna producing countries and that’s includes tuna in cans product. As tuna canning began popularly since the early 90s, canned tuna is quickly grew and until now become one of the most popular products in the world including Indonesia and outside of the country. 

Many customers and importers of all around the world entrust canned tuna product made by Indonesia. The tuna in cans produced in Indonesia is one of the best instant seafood products that sold widely across the countries for years. The reason is the methods and processes used by Indonesia canned tuna manufacturers are always bring high quality of tuna can product. It is the top process that can make a good seafood product and not only about the quality of the tuna meat itself. With the right process, a supplier can make a safe food for the people to eat as well.
Indonesia canned tuna manufacturers and their processes
To keep the tuna fish product in good condition even after they are sold into the markets, the Indonesia canned tuna manufacturers need to conduct several processes. When the raw fish is received, the tuna need to be frozen in cold storages with special temperature to prevent the fish become spoilage.
Here are step by step Indonesia canned tuna manufacturers products:
1.      The frozen and fresh tuna fish receiving
The tuna fish is unloaded from the truck or vessel and container. And since there are many types of tuna, the fish is sorted according to the size and specie. The sorted fish is put into clean box. The boxes are labeled with some information regarding the weight, date of receiving, the specie, condition of the fish, unloading time, the vessel or the truck and container condition, fish temperature, etc.
2.      Sizing
Continued with the process above, the sizing means that the tuna fish is sorted by species and sizes. The fish will be put into cleaned fish boxes carefully. The boxes are labeled with info like size, fishing boat, species, arrival date, and hatch. This is such important processes that need to be conducted to determine the quality of the tuna fish as well.
3.      Cold storage with special temperature
For tuna fish that going to be processed in the future, stock of fish is put into cold storage with special temperature to prevent spoilage. For example, the fish is kept in a storage with temperature as low as -180 degrees Celsius. With this method, the fish will be prevented from quality deterioration. When the fish is ready to be processed into canned tuna, Indonesia canned tuna manufacturers will take the fish based on FIFO (First in First out) system.
4.      Thawing, butchering, and precooking
Before the frozen fish is processed, the manufacturer will thaw the fish with flowing water in thawing bin. And after that, the fish is cleaned and butchered to remove the guts. Fish is cut in the belly part and then the butchered fish is cooked into retort (big cooker) with temperature 95-103 degrees Celsius for 50 to 150 minutes cooking time that depends on the tuna fish size.
5.      Cooling and trimming the tuna fish
The tuna fish which come out of the big cooker is needs to be cooled down to avoid precooks scorching. The cooked fish is sprayed with portable water to cool them down. After the fish is cooled enough to be handle then the tuna is trimmed not using machine instead the manufacturers will trim them manually. Trimming processes are conducted to remove the skin, head, scales, small bones, and bones. This process is required to separate red/ brown meat with white meat as well.
6.      The fish is going through metal detecting
The fish that already cleaned and trimmed perfectly is going through metal detecting before they are filled into cans. The metal detector is set into some sensitivity to check the tuna fish.
7.      Filling the tuna fish in cans
Cleaned tuna flakes or loin are packed into cans with flake filler or tuna packer. For your information, there are 3 kind of styles of filling the tuna into cans depending on the order which are solid style, chuck style, and flakes styles. After the filled cans are coming out of the packer or packed machine, they are going to checking machine. The filling processes also include medium filling that depending of the types of the products. The tuna canned is seasoned with oil, brine, vegetable broth, or brine and oil.
8.      Seaming, sterilization, and incubation
The seaming process is required to close the tuna cans hermetically. This process is very essential since it will make sure that the product kept can integrity endures for a long time. It needs some seaming machine that set into high precision so the tuna canned product integrity can be kept especially during processes, storages, and deliveries.
After the cans are closed, the product needs to be sterilized to remove the bacteria which might harmful during storage. Meanwhile, incubation is a process to ensure that all the tuna canned products have been processed perfectly and correctly. If the products are not being processed correctly then the cans will be swollen and spoil.
9.      Labeling, packaging, and stuffing
The tuna cans need to be labeled either with sticker/ paper labels or printed labels according to the customers or markets demand. After the Indonesia canned tuna manufacturers are done labeling and packaging each can then the products are stuffed into container to be delivered in certain areas, places, markets, and customer’s place. Items are not only delivered locally or nationally but also globally.
10.  Canned tuna products are received by the customers!
The canned tuna products safely arrived to the customers. You can keep the tuna cans for 3 to 5 years but once the tuna can is opened, you need to consume it directly within 1 to 2 days.
Those are the Indonesia canned tuna manufacturers processes which you need to understand more to know how Indonesia produce high quality tuna seafood products in can.

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