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Learn Things That Affect Tuna Loin Canned Prices Differences

Tuna loin canned prices are different from one another since they also made using different method in the factory. When you go shopping, you might be confused whether to purchase tuna loin or tuna canned for your meal. Especially since the prices of those two tuna products have huge differences. But then you cannot always eat tuna loin all the time or eating tuna canned all the time. Thus alternating between the two might be a good thing to do so you can really taste both tuna products in your meals. Now let us discuss more information about the two products that you might want to know.

Why Tuna Loin Canned Prices is So Different?You might be wondering what make the prices of tuna loin and tuna canned have huge difference even though they are both made using tuna. However the two products are actually very different, thus this make the price of both products becomes very different from one another. Furthermore the process that needs to be done to create both products is also very different thus, this also affect the price of both products as well. Now let us see the difference between the two products which make tuna loin canned prices also very different from one another.
1.      Raw material
Even though both tuna loin and tuna canned are made using tuna fish as the raw material but the tuna used is actually very different. For tuna loin, the tuna used should have large size to be able to make the loin shape. On the contrarily, for tuna canned the tuna used could be in any sizes, since the tuna meat will be cut thus even small size tuna species such as albacore tuna can be used to make this tuna product. Furthermore big tuna species are quite rare thus there is some limit on how many big tuna fish can be caught every year. This surely affects the tuna loin canned prices so the price will be different from one another.
2.      Quality of tuna meat
When making tuna canned products, the factory can use all kinds of tuna meat they have in the storage, thus it is very easy to create. However to make tuna loin products, the factory actually have to grade the tuna meat so they can find meat with high quality. Only those tuna meat that have high quality can be use to make tuna loin products so it is no wonder that the tuna loin canned prices is very different from one another since high quality tuna meat also have price highly.
3.      Product quantity
As you know tuna factory can make tuna canned product in thousands quantity since it is very easy and the raw material also abundant. On the contrarily, only limited amount of tuna loin product is able to be created since the raw material is also limited. But even with limited amount of tuna loin created, the production cost to create tuna loin is actually quite big. This make the tuna loin canned prices is very different from one another since the tuna manufacture have to cover the production cost and make some profits at the same time.
4.      Product storage
First let us see the product form that tuna loin product and tuna canned product have. As you know, tuna loin product is still in raw form meanwhile the tuna canned product is already cooked before. The tuna loin product that is still in raw form makes the tuna factory have to always store them inside super cold storage which means there are still some cost spends only to maintain the product. on the other hand, the tuna canned product is already cooked and stored in vacuum pack which means it is already preserved well thus it does not need to be maintain in special storage. This makes the price of both products have huge difference.
Now that you know the things that the tuna factory need to do to create tuna loin product and tuna canned product, you can see there are many things that make their price have huge difference. However, you should not think about it too much and decide which product to purchase from the way you want to use them instead of the tuna loin canned prices.

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