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Mackerel Canned Fish for Diet Benefits

Mackerel canned fish is the name of various species of oily and cold water fish. These fish are usually caught and then produced as canned products. Mackerel gain attention from its high omega 3 fatty acids contents as well as because health benefits from other nutrition provided from such fish. Mackerel fish help to improve cardiovascular health and that’s why American Heart Association also recommends us to eat at least two times each week especially for those who suffer from heart disease need to consume fish with high level of omega 3 fatty acids for about 1 gram per day to boost a healthy heart.

Mackerel canned fish for diet
Mackerel canned fish for diet menu can help for successful weight lost when you eating them with the right amount and cooked it with proper ways. There is some health benefits provided by mackerel such as minerals, vitamins, protein, and a bit amount of saturated fat. Mackerel contain less cholesterol and calories and thus very good for diet. Not to mention they are also an excellent source to gain omega 3 fatty acids intake for your body. This omega 3 offers acids eicosapentaenoic acid or EPA plus docosahexaenoic acid or DHA to give positive effect for your heart. Aside mackerel, other oil fishes such as sardines, tuna, and salmon contains high level of omega 3 as well and give the highest level of both EPA and DHA.
Why you need these two substances? According to American Heart Association (AHA), because it helps the body to function properly but human body cannot produce these substances themselves and thus we need to supply them by eat omega 3 food sources such as mackerel canned fish product. Omega 3 fatty acids will help to reduce the risk of arrhythmia or irregular heart beat plus they also slowing down the growth of plaque in arteries.
Below are some health benefits which you can get when you eating canned mackerel daily with proper amount, such as:
-          Some studies published in the year of 1985 and 1986 in journal Atherosclerosis researching the effect of mackerel in diet with cardiovascular health indicators like blood pressure. Some men with mild high blood pressure asked to consume canned mackerel in specific amount for their diet each day in order to provide good amount of carbohydrate, protein, and fat. And the result is the men experienced blood pressure reduction and after they eat mackerel canned fish factory product for 8 months, the researchers ask them to stop eating the fish and surprisingly their blood pressure level returned to the previous levels only in 2 months after not eating canned mackerel.
-          There are some studies found out that eating mackerel gave a positive effect for triglycerides and cholesterol as well. A study published in 1985 article mentioned that some people experienced lower level of triglycerides and cholesterol by 28 percents and 9 percents. The bad cholesterol known as LDL even decreased to 14 percents while oppositely, the good cholesterol or HDL increased by 12 percents. This is a proof that eating fish such as mackerel can give a good nutrition for body and in the end brings positive effect for health.
When you choose to eat either fresh or mackerel canned fish Indonesia, it is better to pick the smaller size than bigger size due to the mercury level contained in the bigger fish like King Mackerel. Oily fishes usually not only bring good nutrition but can also give negative side effect from their pollution (mercury) if eaten excessively. In addition, smaller mackerel such as Spanish and Jack mackerel contains higher amount of omega 3 fatty acids than King Mackerel. Besides that, King Mackerel has the most higher mercury compared to the other type of mackerels and thus it is better to avoid this fish.
Mackerel canned fish can be found easily at grocery stores and you just need to read the label what type of mackerel packaged in the can and they are usually available with oils such as olive oils or with additional flavors from herbs or spices. Fresh mackerel also available every year, but when you purchase fresh mackerel, it is best to cooking it ASAP by broiling or grilling it. Hope this information help you more understand about mackerel fish when you interested to try them.

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