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Tuna Canned Indonesia for Weight Loss Diet

Tuna canned Indonesia may become a healthy choice for weight loss diet menu since it contains many nutrients that are good for your body. Tuna itself has a reputation as a healthy food and with high quality lean protein plus lower calories counts, it helps a lot to supply energy during your diet without concern of gain some weight. In addition of low calories and low fat tuna, you also need to pick the one that low in mercury as well because they are the best for your options.

Is tuna good choice for you to lose some weight?
Yes, of course! Calories level in tuna can fit your diet and as long as you pick the right tuna either fresh or tuna canned Indonesia product, this is a kind of fish that appropriate with your diet. We recommend you choose tuna canned in waters or tuna steak because 3 oz of light tuna in water offers 72 calories only or 142 calories per can while tuna steak offers 112 calories when cooked over dry heat or 203 calories for half fillet.
Why tuna canned in oils become second option? Because it contains higher calories level, a 3 oz serving of canned tuna oils offer 168 calories and when you choose to eat the whole can then you will gain 339 calories which is wow. Indeed that some types of canned tuna Indonesia are packed with healthier oil like vegetable or olive oils, however they will harder to fit the condition of your calorie-controlled diet so it is better to consume tuna in water. And if you already eating a canned tuna in oil twice a week then when you replace it with tuna in water, then it will help you to reduce weight by 5 pounds in just one year even without you making other diet changes.
In addition of lower calories content, tuna also rich in protein level and so it is a kind of food that great to be your weight loss meal. Protein helps to build your muscle tissue (thanks to its amino acids) as well as it can improve your body metabolism. Due to the high thermic effect, it surely helps people who in need of weight lost. Since protein is hard to digest even more than fats and carbohydrate, your body will work harder to break out the protein which in the end helps to burn the calories too. That’s why eating more food that high in protein such as tuna canned Indonesia factory will improve your calorie burn. Moreover, a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, showing that people who have more protein intake from fifteen to thirty percents of their daily calorie intake felt fuller and satisfied which resulted in weight lost.
So in conclusion, consuming 3 oz of tuna in water helps to gain 17 grams of protein while if you option to eat 3 oz of tuna steak will increase your body protein intake by 24 grams. Such amount will help you to get significant numbers of your daily protein intake which is 56 for men and 46 grams for women.
Ensure that the tuna dishes are low in calories and fats
Not all tuna dishes can serve as your healthy diet meals because certain tuna foods will boost your calories instead. For example, tuna salad with mayonnaise offers a bunch of calories along with those unhealthy fats coming from it. That’s why when you want to make a tuna salad recipe, replace the mayonnaise with healthier option such as best tuna canned Indonesia brand mixed with plain and nonfat yoghurt or plain and nonfat cheese. These replacements not only give a creamy texture for the salad, but also enhance the content of protein level. Another option is to take a tuna steak then place a healthy mango-pineapple salsa on top of it.
When you eat tuna, you still need to be aware with the mercury level. Pick chunk light of tuna canned Indonesia instead of white tuna because light tuna type has lower mercury level than white tuna. Last but not least, limit your tuna consumption up to two 6 oz portions per week for a better result in your diet and your health as well. Hope all this information helps your diet activities.

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