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Is it Canned Tuna Cat Food Good for the Cats?

Canned tuna cat food might be appealing for your pets; however is it safe to give a can of tuna to your cats? Canned tuna products that you like to found in food stores or grocery stores are a seafood that adored by many people. Tuna fish with its oily texture contain many nutrition such as protein, vitamins, omega 3 fatty acids, minerals, and calcium with little amount of calories and fats. Tuna fish can be cooked with grilled, smoked, fried, baked, and even raw as a part of sushi ingredient. It is very recommended that human at least include fish meal just like tuna to get beneficial nutrients intake. But, is it the same case with your cats?

Is it okay to give canned tuna cat food?
Properly feeding your cats is a serious duty because just like human, cats also need nutrition for their health and body system improvement. Some people may sees such task troublesome and so they just give their cats any foods that they can easily find. However, this is very important to give your cats nutrition that they need so they can grow stronger and healthier.
Cats love fish because their fishy smell and when talking about fish then canned tuna cat food product might be the first thing that comes in your mind. Indeed, that cats are seriously like fish including tuna either cooked, raw, wet canned food or dry meat by product like canned fish.
Some studies found that canned tuna fish contain a small amount of mercury which is can be a problem for cats. As a human sea food, canned tuna need to be limited in dietary menu plan due to this mercury concern. Human cannot eat too much tuna fish because over excess mercury intake will lead to negative effects and even dangerous disease or mercury poisoning. Cats have smaller size of body and brain thus they are more sensitive to the mercury content in tuna fish or canned tuna product. Cats have lower tolerable level of mercury than human, that’s why you cannot feed your cats tuna meats.
However, if you want to feed your cats with canned tuna cat food fish, you should give them in moderate amount and never included them as a part of cat’s diet meal. In addition, never choose canned tuna in oil or tuna in brine because they are high in calories and sodium which is not good for your cats. Choose tuna in water instead which is safer than those products. In the end, if your cats occasionally eating very small amount of canned tuna, the amount of mercury won’t be a problem to them, but regular feeding of canned tuna can lead to a serious issue so prevent them to eat too much tuna fish either in a tin or fresh/ raw.
Pregnant cats need to avoid canned tuna cat food
Well, even pregnant human need to avoid eating canned tuna product for awhile because both the mother and the infant are more sensitive to mercury level. The case is similar with pregnant cats, if you found out that your cat is pregnant then you should start kitten diet. Never include canned tuna during cat’s pregnancy because the mercury content inside the tuna may affect the kitten inside their belly. In addition, when the cat start to give milk to their children, then you also cannot feeding them with canned tuna and that’s goes to the kitten as well. Kitten needs protein-based diets and healthy foods which can be found in cat’s food products. You cannot feed the kitten with tuna because they are more sensitive to the mercury content just like babies, infant, and young children. In fact, kitten has lower tolerance of mercury level than human.
Please take a note that feeding kitten or adult cat sizable amount of best canned tuna cat food can cause some harm so small amount of tuna is required. In conclusion, it is okay if you want to give your cats canned tuna cat food products for awhile and not regularly. Replace the canned tuna with healthier cat food that can offer enough nutrition like vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin A, and various proteins thus the cats will grow healthy and stronger.

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