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List of Tuna Canned Machine in the Production Line

When you eat tuna, you might be wondering what kind of tuna canned machine being used in the production line. As you know, tuna has already become one of the most favorite seawater fish products in the market. The versatility of the tuna make everyone can cook this meat easily. Furthermore it also contains high protein which make it good source of protein for the meal of the day. With the availability of canned tuna, you can have this seawater fish dish all year long. This might also be one of the reasons why a lot of tuna factories are having tuna canning machine to create those canned tuna.

What Tuna Canned Machine used in the Production Line?There are many types of tuna canned machine that being used on the production line. All of those machine types have its own specification and function which help one another to create canned tuna end product that you see in the market every day. Since every tuna canning factory has their own canning method that means not every machine in those factories are the same. Still most machines used in the tuna canning factories are quite similar one another since they also have similar function even though the detail and technology inside are different from one another. Here we have lots of machinery which used on the tuna canning production line:
1.      Aligner and shaker machine
The function of the first machine is the shake and aligns the frozen tuna. When aligned properly, frozen tuna will be inserted into an elevator to be brought into the next machine in the production line. Since this machine is only the first machine, so the function is also very simple.
2.      Sizer machine
The next tuna canned machine in the production line is this sizer machine. This machine is function to separate the frozen tuna that already brought by the elevator which used in the previous machine into the size that the factory desired. The machine will be set so it will only allow frozen tuna with specific size to be fit into the machine. With this procedure, only frozen tuna with the size that the factory desired is collected by the machine while the other will be collected separately.
3.      Pre cooker machine
This third machine is very important machine which used after the frozen tuna is cleaned completely on the production line. This is why the tuna which put inside this machine is in the form of clean loins, they will use wheeled rack to put the clean loins inside the machine. Then this machine will cook all of those clean loins using steam in vacuum pressure. This machine is also cooling down the cooked tuna still inside this vacuum pressure. After being cool down, then the cooked tuna will be brought to the next machine in the production line. Depends on the size of the tuna inserted into the machine, usually pre cooker machine has around six ton to nine ton capacity.
4.      Filler machine
This next tuna canned machine has function to input the cooked tuna meat into an opened top can use specific weight. Of course, the factory will first set up this machine to only input the cooked tuna meat according to the capacity of the can. This is the reason why filler machine often have different input size. However with the use of this filler machine to input the cooked tuna meat into the can, this make the entire process become much faster and more sanitary.
5.      Brine or oil machine
This machine has function to input brine or oil into the can which already been filled with cooked tuna meat in the previous machine. This machine will vacuum the can thus removing all the air inside the can then input brine or oil into the can carefully without doing any damage on the can. It already been set up to give specific headspace on the can thus this machine will only input brine or oil in the rest of the space.
6.      Closer machine
This machine is the last one used in the production line. As the name suggestion this machine has function to close the tuna can and remove air from the can.
With the last tuna canned machine, all of the tuna canning procedure is also complete.

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