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White Tuna Canned in Oil versus Light Tuna

You might often see tuna canned in oil available in the market for sale. However, you might not know that there is other canned tuna type that is also available in the market. Canned tuna is very popular product that keeps getting popular year after year. The reason is because tuna meat itself is very versatile so people can make a lot of dish using canned tuna. Furthermore it also contains less calories and good amount of protein thus it is considered healthier food variation that people can consume. If you want to use canned tuna as part of your dish, then you should know it's types that is available in the market so you can choose better type among all. 

The Difference Between Tuna Canned in Oil and Water
Actually those tuna types available in the market can be separated into two main types. Those types are white canned tuna and light canned tuna. You might not see too many difference among those two types, however they actually made from different kinds of ingredient since the tuna type is also different. The white canned tuna type is made only using one kind of tuna that is the albacore tuna. However the light canned tuna type can be made using many kinds of tuna such as the skipjacks tuna or yellowfin tuna.
Even at first glance you will be able to differentiate the two canned tuna types, especially if you are familiar with canned tuna since you already used it many times before. It can be easily notice that the tuna meat available inside the can has different colors. For the white canned tuna, you will notice white to pinkish color tuna meat, this is the reason why this type of canned tuna is called as white canned tuna. Furthermore this white meat tuna is the one that is consider as suitable meat to be canned. While for the light canned tuna type, you will notice tan to dark red color tuna meat.
However, the biggest difference between the two canned tuna type is the substance that is being used to soak the tuna meat. White canned tuna, it is actually tuna canned inoil as the substance. But for light canned tuna, it is actually tuna canned in water as the substance. As you notice the tuna which canned in water as the substance will be less oily, thus it will have less calories. That is why the light canned tuna is considered healthier type among the two.
From the flavor itself, there is a slight different among the two types. The white tuna canned in oil, the flavor is mild and there is less fishy scent coming from the meat. The textures also very firm which make you remember chicken breast with similar texture when tasting it. The light canned tuna, the flavor is stronger because it has darker tuna meat. The texture is quite soft, which make you remember chicken thigh with similar texture. Sadly, not many people like stronger flavor that light canned tuna has thus white canned tuna is more popular in the market.
On the nutrition side tuna contain good amount of omega 3 that is why many people like to consume it. Omega 3 is a type of fat that is unsaturated and good for the development of brain and growth generally. It is also essential acid which make it good to remove inflammation on your body. Furthermore, this fatty acid is good for your health as it able to lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Among the two canned tuna type, white tuna canned in oil contains more omega 3 because it has more fat.
You should also remember that every seawater fish will be contaminated by mercury and that includes tuna since it is also seawater fish. This contaminant is quite dangerous since it can do some damage into your nervous system if consumed in large quantity. The risk will be higher for children and also unborn baby. Still, adult also need to limit their tuna consumption if they do not want to increase the risk further. White tuna canned in oil actually three times more mercury compared to the light tuna which canned in water. But you can still eat it safely one portion every week.

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